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Total private aesthetic facial salon.

Experience high quality wellness treatment  with very selected beauty items.


Combine the sophisticated machine and our proven techniques to help you to achieve your beauty goals.

Escape of unexpected luxurious experience at a total private beauty salon ‘salon de shéllen’

A thorough consultation is provided before the start of every treatment to ensure that the treatment is best for the individual skin conditions and results.

Every treatment starts with a décolleté massage.

it's not only to relax the muscle but also detoxification and subsequent treatment effects will be further enhanced.

The varieties of  cosmetics we use in every course are chosen by an esthetician for your concern and best result. 

5 different  cosmetic brands carefully picked from all over the world  by the beauticians to fit all skin types.

 such as, european Spa brand Argotherm,South Korean brand Civasan,Swiss  brand Paul Scerri etc…

Escape from everyday life and treat yourself pure to bliss.


Luxury, Calm and Comfort rooms.

Find wellness and well- being

with an inspired blend of luxury and comfort.


Take your time and enjoy the treatments and beauty counsulation.

Tailor made facial treatments

by our beauty therapist for your needs.  




Take the right time.

Take the right steps.

See the progress everytime.

For Her...

Everything is for you.

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